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Thank you first of all for visiting our web page. We hope to use this blog to keep you up to date on the latest of KSKO. I would like to use this first entry as an opportunity to get any feed back on corrections we need to make to this page. I know I was so caught up in the lay out that I missed some major misspelled words. All I could do was laugh and fix them. A constant reminder to me is our engineer telling me, "Noel, it's just radio." I tend to stress out a bit too much.

As the New Year approaches KSKO will be looking forward to moving into a new, smaller, more efficient building. We are also dabbling with the idea of streaming. It seems like every month something new gets thrown our way. All three of us are fairly new to our roles here at KSKO and really do rely on your feed back and support. My own personal thought is , "Thank God we have a supportive Board!". With that being said please enjoy we the web page, and please send your comments/concerns our way.

Happy New Year!

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