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Checking into McGrath


The excitement of the Iron Dog has moved on with the racers. Sunday and Monday found McGrath bustling with out of town folk visiting our small town as they volunteered and cheered on the racers. All DJ's got caught up in the action and had an opportunity to interview racers and officials. Misty's report gave us the insight of the volunteers, while they enjoyed their time, they were ready for some sleep.

Iron Dog Team 15's sleds against the sunset in McGrath Alaska.

The general consensus was that it was cold out there! Racers were coming in to the cafe trying to warm their bones enough to start out again. It was so cold the gas tank froze! It got down to a chilly -42 below at one point. We can only imagine (or do we even want to) how that would feel on a snowmachine cruising along on the Kuskokwim.

Unfortunately one of our own local teams, Team 12, had a rough start and ended up scratching. Our other local team is still cruising along though. You may have heard the cheers as they pulled into McGrath through the stories KSKO aired! One racers wife was jumping up and down as she waited for her honey in -24 below. We here at KSKO offer our emotional support to all the racers still on the trail.

Usually after the Iron Dog the town starts preparing for the Iditarod, unfortunately we wont be doing that this year. The lack of snow has made them switched the route and so McGrath will be bypassed. We are very disappointed that we wont get to meet and greet the dog racers as they race towards Nome, but hopefully they will return next year.

KSKO will still be holding The Spring Auction that we have every year in March. There might not be as much excitement as the Iditarod would have pulled in, but we are looking forward to it anyway. We have some good prizes this year! If you are in the area during March 7th or 8th you should stop on by to check it out.

Have a wonderful day!

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