Last Week's Fun

Today is Tuesday! Last week we were getting ready for a busy week. It has since calmed down. Our Spring Auction went well. Okay, that's being modest. Our Spring Auction did VERY well considering the fact that the Iditarod didn't come through our town this year. Both times the last prize was given out by 9:30. We are just so grateful to everyone that came and participated in the fun!

Jeri with her newly won female Ellen Savage Doll

Among the prizes we had two Ellen Savage dolls donated by a family member of one of the staff. The female was auctioned off at Joe's. She was won by Jeri Andrews whose ancestors hail from the Yukon, just like Ellen. On Thursday we held another auction at McGuire's. There was a box on the chair and everyone knew it was special. The money was flying in to the cans. A man walked in the door and put some money in. When the can kept going around

PAtrick with his newly won male  Ellen Savage doll.

The KSKO staff found this to be a sign that the dolls did not want to be parted! When the person who donated them heard she informed her relative that they were purchased years apart. The female being first, so the male was probably her son. Either way they seemed to be attached to each other. What are the odds of being won by a couple? We are happy that they shall remain together. A family.

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