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Hello Listeners!

Hello everyone! We are sorry to have been slacking on the Blogger front. Some posts were written and then never published! So lets see what we've been missing.

In June we had Back to Bluegrass and it was so much fun! It did rain on us, but what's a little rain when you're having a good time?

Rain clouds at Back To Bluegrass

June is also when our general manager Noel left us to pursue other ventures. Of course the station had to throw a fit the week after she left and did a few strange things that we are still trying to get under control.

July means Independence Day! It was a beautiful day on the 4th. Well it tried to rain on us but just like Bluegrass we had fun anyway! KSKO even had a little karaoke down there at the park. Took a little while to get it all set up, had a few set backs but we figured it out and a few people belted out some tunes.

Rubber Ducks for the Duck Race!

Now we are heading into August and the next big thing on our agenda is the Duck Race! What is a duck race? Don't worry PETA. We aren't forcing any ducks to race for us. It's just an annual fundraiser KSKO has. We have 300 tickets and 300 numbered rubber ducks. On August the 5th we will head down to the Rock Dock, head out in a boat and set these ducks afloat! They will then float on down the Kuskokwim to the AC slip where someone will be waiting to scoop the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd duck out and call the numbers! The first duck is worth $350, the second $250, and the third $150! So if you're in town you might want to buy a duck or two. :)

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