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Duck Days

It's August! What does that mean here at KSKO? It means that soon we will be having the duck race! Have you bought your tickets yet? Give us a call at 524-3001 if you are in need of some tickets!

The ducks are feeling the pressure. They're scrambling to get into shape. I don't know if you've ever seen 300 ducks trying to jump up and down and do jumping jacks, but it is quit a sight! They keep falling and tripping over one another.

I asked duck 123 how they felt about this up coming race "well this isn't my first year. Last year I was part of the run in October. That was a cold one! I am glad we are doing it a little sooner. Last year I thought my tail was going to fall off! I am so ready for this race." He quacked.

I asked who won last year, but was informed that ducks do not have a very good memory. They just care about who is going to win this year.

The race will start at the Rock Dock on August 5th. 1pm is when they will start. So go buy your tickets now! You can find them at AC, Joe's Bar, McGuires Tavern, and anyone of our board members. We wish you good luck!

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