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Duck Race Success!

So what has happened in KSKO land since last week?

Well we had the Duck Race! It was a stressful ordeal but we managed! All 300 tickets were sold, and we thank everyone that participated. We couldn't do this kind of stuff without our wonderful supporters.

What did it take to hold the duck race? Well we thank our local businesses, AC Company, Joe's bar, and McGuire's Tavern for selling tickets for us! We really appreciate how you are always willing to support our fundraisers and sell our tickets.

Then we have the crew that counted all the ducks and made sure there was one for every ticket. That would be our board members Rosalie, Candace, and Gina. :) Gina's husband and children helped out also! Daryl McKindy dumped out the ducks and Jaycee and Mandy went where they were bidden as they tried to gather all the tickets together.

Ali Magnuson provided the boat to go scoop up ducks, but this year the ducks came right by the bank. Sterling Magnuson scooped up the winners.. We also had dip nets donated for the cause by Sally Collins and Larae Gray. Without these people we couldn't have had the race at all!

It was really an awesome thing to see all the people waiting to see the ducks drift down the river. Sometimes it seems as if we are talking to ourselves on the radio, but seeing the outcome we realize how many people listen and support us! Thank you for supporting your local radio station!

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