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It was a dark and misty night, and Jack was on his way home from trick or treating when he heard foot steps behind him. Now usually Jack was hard to scare, but tonight was Halloween, and his sister had told him a scary story late last night. Something about a monster that LOVED candy, and the only thing it loved more was eating up little boys who had already started eating their candy! (Maybe she said little girls too, but all Jack could think about was how the monster liked to eat little boys.) Jack had already eaten 5 pieces of candy and was on his sixth when the footsteps started.

He walked a little faster, and so did the footsteps behind! Swallowing panic Jack started to run, and the footsteps behind him thundered loudly as they started to run too. Now Jack was terrified. He ran full out, too scared to look back, his arms flailing and candy falling all over the place. He had to get away! The fog made it hard to see. He thought he was going in the right place, and then suddenly there was his house looming in front of him. He ran inside and bolted the door. Only then did he look back to see what was chasing him, and what he saw chilled him to the bone. He saw a frozen version of himself peering in to the window at him. The frozen lips slowly cracked upwards, into a weird smile and then he disappeared.

Jack tried to tell his mom and sister what happened, but they ignored him. When his dad got home he tried to talk to him too, but no one would listen to him! It was like he was invisible. Jack felt very cold so he went upstairs to crawl under his blankets. No matter how many he used he still felt a chill.

The next day Jack's body was found frozen out on the pond. The fog had gotten thicker and he thought the short cut would be quicker, but he fell through the ice. He managed to crawl out, but just barely. He was too cold to keep on going, and fell into a deep everlasting sleep, never to be awakened again.

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