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Turkey Day

There were two turkey's named Terrence and Clarence who grew up out on the farm, safe from all harm (or so they thought, they were assured when they retired it would be somewhere hot.) They gobbled until they wobbled and became extra fat, and do you know what the farmer thought about that? He was happy, happy indeed as he thought of his family they would soon feed. The turkey's didn't know, until one day Terrence was down low trying to get the last of the corn and he finally heard about the reason he was born. He was nothing but a feathered beast meant for a humans glorious feast! He ran to tell Clarence but was too late, he had already learned their fate. He rested inside the farmers belly and when he came out he was all smelly. Terrence never saw him again and he hide in his turkey pen until the farmer started to worry and brought him to the vet in a hurry. Terrence thought this meant he was free! He watched the family put up the tree. He stuffed himself some more until he could hardly fit through his coop door. He had escaped Turkey day, but there was another holiday! He heard about it from the hen who laid eggs and then gave them up to the farmers wife, she had learned the animals place in life. He laughed that it could not be, couldn't she see he had a year or so? But no, he realized he was wrong when he felt hands on his neck so strong. Terrence became the center of attention at the Farmers Christmas Convention.

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