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"Tis the Season!

It is the season to give! That is something people in rural communities know how to do very well. Our general manager Dave has only been here about 2 months and was wondering how he was going to survive cooking a turkey on his own....he had never attempted it before. As luck would have it he didn't have to! He was invited out to eat Thanksgiving with one of the loving families of this community, and he even scored some delivered dinner as well!

Misty was worried about having no Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. She had to resort to some Game Hens after her father cooked the turkey a few days earlier and the dog managed to knock it of the stove and proceed to eat it all. However that did not stop her from having a turkey too! The day before Thanksgiving someone gave her their turkey, and even though it wasn't thawed on Turkey day it was on Friday! This time she sat back as everyone else did the cooking. Her friend even stopped by just to make the green bean casserole and bring some potatoes. It was Thanksgiving all over again! With enough turkey to share with friends who stopped by for a few days afterwards.

Now Ralph knows the meaning of giving. He is constantly bringing in treats to share with his co-workers, whether home made or store bought it always hits the spot! In fact he shares so much we wonder if he thinks we should be fattening up for the cold weather.... What are the ways you have been helped this Holiday season? Would you like to come in and read a Christmas poem on air? Or perhaps thank the community of McGrath for being so openhearted? Come on down to the station! We are open from 8-5 every weekday and would love to hear your stories. Also you can give us a call at 524-3001 or 1-800-605-5756 Thank you!

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