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Christmas Love

Once upon a time there were two little orphans named Amelia and Alejandro. The only thing they had in the whole wide world was each other. They lived on the streets and salvaged whatever food they could from the dumpsters. Amelia's favorite dumpster was McDonald's, while Alejandro preferred the bakery and all the sweets they could find there. Sometimes they were lucky enough to find a warm meal,

It was nearing the Christmas season and Alejandro was trying to figure out a way to make it special for Amelia. During one of their dumpster forages he found a pen, paper, and an envelope with a stamp on it! It was his lucky day. He decided to write to Santa: Dear Santa,

My name is Alejandro. I am writing to you because I want my sisters Christmas to be special. She really would like a doll all her own, and she needs some warmer clothes. The ones we have found are smelly and full of holes. I gave her the warmest things we had, but she is still shivering. It is only going to get colder and she really needs some nice warm boots that fit, a jacket and some gloves. If that is not too much to ask. All I want is to see her smile.

Thank you so much,


He did not have an address for Santa so he sent it General Delivery and hoped for the best. Now what you may not know is that letters to Santa are magical! Especially when sent by a child who believes. Santa got the letter the very next day. He was feeding the reindeer when the letter floated down to rest at his feet. He could tell the letter had been soaked with tears and it touched his heart. He immediately sent his elves to find the pair.

Amelia and Alejandro had just sat down to eat their McDonald's when suddenly a portal opened in front of them, out stepped an elf. "Are you Amelia and Alejandro?" the elf asked. All the children could do is nod in surprise. "Well, come along with me!" The elf joyfully exclaimed. With that he grabbed their hands and pulled them through the portal.

At first the children were afraid, and Amelia even started to cry before they heard a jolly voice say "Ho! Ho! Ho! Don't be afraid, I am Santa Claus! I got your letter and I just had to meet you." He spotted the old McDonald's bag the children still clutched. "Oh my! Mrs. Claus!" He bellowed. "Can you come here dear?"

A beautiful jolly old woman came out of the kitchen and gasped in shock when she saw the children. "What have we here! We can't be letting you eat that junk, come in and eat with us!" She said, ushering the children into the kitchen. It was their turn to gasp, a feast was set out on the table. There was ham, turkey, dumplings, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruits and vegetables, and desserts of every kind. They shyly let Mrs. Claus make them a plate. When they were finished Santa read them a Christmas story before sending them off to a real bed to sleep in. When the children woke up the next day they almost didn't know where they were at! They rubbed their eyes in amazement, surprised to see that it wasn't just a dream. Santa came in to say good morning and led them to breakfast, which was once again set up like a feast! "How else do you expect me to stay in shape?" Santa said with a twinkle in his eye. The children ate in silence and when they were done Santa asked if they would like to stay and help him until Christmas.

"Can we?" Alejandro asked. "Of course you can!" Santa laughed.

So for the next week Amelia and Alejandro helped Santa feed the reindeer, pack the toys, and learned Christmas Carols from Mrs. Claus. They had so much fun! How great it was to not have to worry about finding food or staying warm. When Christmas arrived they were disappointed that soon they would have to go back home.

Christmas morning, when Santa got back from flying around the world, they opened their presents. Amelia got a beautiful doll that looked like her, with hand sewn clothes from Mrs. Claus. Alejandro got a hand-carved train with his name on the side. The train track was handmade also. The children were excited! But then they got sad. "What's the matter? Santa asked. "We love these, but we are just sad that now we have to go back home." Alejandro answered. Amelia wasn't much of a talker. She had gotten used to her brother talking for the both of them. "Home?" Santa asked. "Why, I thought you were home!" he turned to Mrs. Claus, "what do you think dear? Would you like to adopt these two lovely children?" Amelia and Alejandro looked at each other in surprise, and then at Mrs. Claus. "Why, of course I would love to! If they will have us, that is." She replied. "Of course we will!" The children shouted as they ran at their new parents to give them a hug.

As far as I know they are still up at the North Pole, Alejandro is training to be the next Santa Claus, and Amelia is learning to cook as well as Mrs. Claus so that her brother can stay "in shape." Never have their been two happier children, and they strive to make others as happy as they are.

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