Christmas Love

Once upon a time there were two little orphans named Amelia and Alejandro. The only thing they had in the whole wide world was each other. They lived on the streets and salvaged whatever food they could from the dumpsters. Amelia's favorite dumpster was McDonald's, while Alejandro preferred the bakery and all the sweets they could find there. Sometimes they were lucky enough to find a warm meal,

It was nearing the Christmas season and Alejandro was trying to figure out a way to make it special for Amelia. During one of their dumpster forages he found a pen, paper, and an envelope with a stamp on it! It was his lucky day. He decided to write to Santa: Dear Santa,

My name is Alejandro. I am writing to you because I want my sisters Christmas to be special. She really would like a doll all her own, and she needs some warmer clothes. The ones we have found are smelly and full of holes. I gave her the warmest things we had, but she is still shivering. It is only going to get colder and she really needs some nice warm boots that fit, a jacket and some gloves. If that is not too much to ask. All I want is to see her smile.