Christmas Adventure

Chris did not want to go to sleep. We waited until everyone was asleep and then snuck back downstairs to watch out for Santa. He waited patiently until he heard the jingle jangle of sleigh bells and the sound of impatient reindeer hooves clacking on the roof. He peeked out from behind the chair he was sitting behind just in time to see a fat jolly man all dressed in red slide down the chimney. The man quickly began putting presents underneath the tree. When he was done he snacked on the cookies and milk Chris had set out for him.

While Santa's back was turned Chris had an idea! He slowly crawled to Santa's sack and got into it. When Santa was done eating he grabbed his bag and up they flew through the chimney! "OOF!" Chris was thrown into the backseat as Santa climbed up front. All he could see was the floor. He heard the reindeer's names called out and the sleigh started to move! Chris shifted in the bag, he was surprised that it was empty except for him. Slowly he poked his head out of the bag. "ACHOOOooo!" Straw poked at his nose causing him to sneeze. Santa turned around. He had a twinkle in his eye. "A stow away!" He exclaimed. "Why don't you come join me up front?"

Chris quickly scrambled over the seat and gazed in awe at the sight in front of him. He could see his whole town beneath them twinkling with all the Christmas lights. Snow was falling, quietly covering up any imperfections there might have been. The town slept untouched by any trouble.

"Santa, how do you deliver all the presents in one night?" Chris asked.

"Well son, I just slow time down!" Santa laughed as he showed Chris a watch on his wrist. "My elves made this for me one year. It had been a very close year, we delivered the last present in the nick of time!" His eyes twinkle