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Happy New Year!

Hey you out there! We made it through 2017, can you believe it? There have been a few changes here at KSKO in the past year. Ralph and Misty kept the station going for 3 months before Dave Patty came here as the General Manager. Dave has been working to make this a better station ever since! You may have noticed that some of your programs have been rescheduled. Native American Calling is back on every day, Soul Deluxe is back to two hours on Sunday, and Dave rocks out for 5 hours every Saturday! Not only that but we have figured out that it is okay to give out our streaming address so that anyone anywhere can listen to KSKO! If you would like to stream us here is the link:

Do you have any ideas to help KSKO become a better station? Or would you just like to volunteer to be on air some time? If so give us a call at (907) 524-3001, or you can look for us on the web. Our Facebook page is: and our website is, or you can just Google KSKO.

We hope that this year shines brighter then the last! Thank you for being a part of the KSKO experience. We appreciate you.

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