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It's coming up fast! The New Year is has been going by with at a fast pace and soon the Iditarod will be coming through town. The trail breakers are already out there breaking the trail from McGrath to Shageluk. That is about 167 miles! They arrived in McGrath last Friday and plan to be back here by Thursday night. Hopefully we can get an interview with them then.

Iditarod Trail Breakers

The trail they are currently breaking hasn't been used in 5 years, that would be since 2013, and in 2015 there was a fire that burnt off all the reflectors on the trees, so they will be attending to that along with any downed trees along the trail.

They are well prepared though! With at least three towing sleds filled with gear and equipment, such as chainsaws, brush cutters, and of course replacement trail markers and permanent reflectors.

Are you ready for the Iditarod to come through? We sure are! It was a disappointment when they didn't make it through last year.

Remember that we still need donations for the Spring Auction! if you have anything to donate give us a call at 524-3001 or 1-800-605-5756, or you can just surprise us and stick it in the mail. The address is P.O. Box 70 McGrath, Alaska 99627. We appreciate anything you can send us. The Spring Auction is one of our biggest fundraisers, and we cannot do it without the help of our listeners.

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