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This Week at KSKO

Hey everyone! If you listened in this morning you would have heard our DJ Mis Ly Mac talking with Cindy Baldwin about her new book series, "Sarah's Days.". Cindy's mom is from here in McGrath, Cindy grew up a Lady Knight! She was also a teachers aide here when Misty (Mis Ly Mac) was in Kindergarten. If you happened to miss the interview don't worry, Cindy will be over at the McGrath Hotel at 7:00 tonight selling and signing books.

The director of the Iditasport has contacted us about doing an interview. The race Director Billy Koitzsch will be here at the end of February. So stay tuned for that! The racers will be leaving Willow on February 19th so be prepared to see fat bike bikers, skiers, and runners coming through our small town! Some of them will stop here in McGrath while others will continue all the way to Nome!

Also please don't forget that we need donations! The Spring Auction is coming up fast and we need your help gathering prizes. You can give us a call at 524-3001 or 1-800-605-5756, or just drop by the station! Our mailing address is PO b0x 70 McGrath, Ak 99627 if you just want to surprise us, we sure do appreciate all your help!

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