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McGrath's Big Week!

It is one of the busiest times in McGrath right now! Last year the Iditarod passed us by because we didn't have enough snow. This year they will be coming through again and we are ready! The Iditarod brings a lot of people to town and because of this the museum and KSKO's biggest fundraisers of the year coincide with when mushers start to make it into our small town. The first fundraiser of the night is a dinner held by the Tochak Historical Society. There will be all kinds of mouth watering food tonight! For $30 a plate you can taste the different recipes they have in the museum's cookbook. $10 for children under 12.

After the dinner there will be KSKO's Spring Auction over at McGuire's! This year there will be only one auction night, Joe's is closed for the winter. That shouldn't stop the fun though! We hope you join us, there are always a lot of laughs to be had during the auction. Sometimes you can score big! Other times you might just die of laughter, or embarrassment by what you have won. We wouldn't have it any other way.

On Wednesday there will be a Shopper's Fair! It's the perfect time to see all the creativity we have in this small town. From homemade crafts to home made food. You never know what kind of treasure you will find at a McGrath Shopper's Fair. That will be from 3-6 tomorrow afternoon. We hope to see you around town!

Also the Cap'tain Snow Center is the Checkpoint for the Iditarod and they could use your help feeding the mushers! Anything you can drop off at the Checkpoint to help out will be appreciated. They will be over there until the last musher passes through our small town. Even if you don't have anything to drop off you can stop on by to say hello to the volunteers and the mushers as they come in!

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