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What's next?

Hey! We got through the busiest time of the year here at KSKO. We raised $3,879 at our Spring Auction! We still have prizes left over, only because it was getting too late to keep on going and our canners were getting tired. Also we didn't get to have on at Joe's Bar this year. We are thinking of maybe having another Auction for the surrounding villages later in the year.

The next thing on the agenda is our KSKO Ice Classic! When do you think the ice will be going out? You can find tickets at the usual places, here at KSKO, McGuires Tavern, AC, and The Iditarod Cafe. We might see about sending some out to surrounding villages if we get someone reliable to sell them for us.

Misty will be gone for a month or two. Dave will be covering her morning show, and they aren't sure what they will be doing with the evening and Sunday show just yet, so stay tuned for that! We aren't sure when she will be coming back, but we are pretty sure that she will return as soon as possible.

Other then that the next really big thing on our list is Back to Bluegrass! That will be happening in June. The planning is still in the works but we will be letting you know what's going on as soon as we figure it out. Hopefully this blog will be kept up to date, but if not you can always check out our website or our Facebook page! Our Facebook page usually the first place we post about things going on here at KSKO, so don't forget to like us!

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