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Kuskokwim Public Broadcasting Corporation Board Members: (as of 10/22/2022)
President: Candace Waruch - Seat D (2025)
Vice President: Christine Harrington - Seat A (2024)
Secretary: Ruby Egrass - Seat G (2025)
Board Member: Rosalie Egrass - Seat B (2024)
Board Member: Deborah Petteway - Seat F (2023)
Board Member: Megan Doucet - Seat E  (2023)
Board Member: Christine Taylor -Seat C (2024)

The next Kuskokwim Public Broadcasting Corporation regular board meeting will be February 22nd, 2023 at 6:30pm. The public is invited to participate in person at KSKO Station in McGrath, or by telephone conference by calling (605) 562-8400 and entering pin number: 9823528#

Committee Members

Fundraising: Ruby Egrass, Megan Doucet, Christine Harrington, Deborah Petteway, Rosalie Egrass, Candace Waruch, Isabelle Harrington. 

Long Range Planning: Christine Harrington, Rosalie Egrass, Ruby Egrass, Megan Doucet, Matthias Ferrarga, Paul Walker Jr, Isabelle Harrington.

Personnel/Administrative Policy: Christine Harrington, Deborah Petteway, Isabelle Harrington.

Citizen Advisory Board: The CAB reviews programming goals, services and significant program changes and advises KPBC of their recommendations. Vice President acts as ex-officio member, Program director coordinates activity. Current CAB members: LaRae Gray, Mike Tierney, Hayley Batt and Paul Walker Jr. 

Election: As determined by Board President, per Articles of Incorporation. 

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