Please help support your interior public radio station . You can call in your pledge 1-800-605-KSKO (5756) or 524-3001 from 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. 

Your KSKO Membership allows KSKO to continue:

*To be a part of the in interior communities

*To air your messages and music requests

*To bring you local, Alaska and NPR news

*To bring you live interviews, entertainment and weather

In a society that has moved toward streaming we don’t always have the luxery of internet in Rural Alaska, but we DO have access to the radio.

Why do we need your support? The state has decreased our funding, we pay over $800 a month to repeat KSKO in our listening areas such as Grayling, Shageluk, Holy Cross, Anvik, and soon Nikolai, that is over $9,000. Programming costs are over $20,000.  Your membership not only helps with these costs, but shows our funders that our listeners care and it’s worth their investment.

Application for membership to KSKO.

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